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5 Item Shelf Display

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This displays is equipped with both topical and burning repellents and a soothing bite relief option. It includes all of our best sellers and is an excellent way to display our product. 

Did you know? Murphy's Naturals products have been proven to sell better together!

Shelf Display — with 5 incense stick tubes, 8 repellent balm sticks, 8 bite relief balm sticks, 9 4oz sprays, 6 9oz repellent candles OR 6 cartons of tea light candles

Cannot be sold to Indiana


Product Information

MSRP: $305.64 total
Incense Sticks: 856930006076
Repellent Balm Sticks: 856930006090
Relief Balm Sticks: 856930006977
4oz LEO Spray: 856930006007
9oz Candles: 856930006083